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Class 2b


Please ensure your child keeps up with their daily reading from Graded Steps in Quran Reading and memorisation.

Please see the Class Two Revision list for the topics we have already studied this term and please can you ensure your child has memorised all Surahs from Surah Asr to Surah an-Naas and the Salah du’as from My Prayer Book up to At-Tahiyyat du’a page 34.

Over this extended break please can you help your child learn Surah at-Takathur and from My Prayer Book page 36 (Durood Shareef).

From Graded Steps in Quran reading please practise:

  • Page 65: Alif Maqsurah,
  • Page 67: Kasrah yaa madd
  • Page 69: Dhammah wow madd
  • Page 71: Short and Long vowels
  • Page 73: Reading Practice

Please also help your child complete the worksheets for these topics which are in their homework file.

Islamic Studis

Please complete the Weekend Learning textbook:

  • Chapter 3: Our Faith
  • Chapter 5: The Quran
  • Chapter 17: Ibrahim (A)
  • Chapter 18: Musa (A)
  • Chapter 19: Isa (A)