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Class 3a


Assalam Alaikum wrwb

In order for the students to carry on their learning at home, I have set them the following homework. Please ensure they complete it. They have already been provided with Revision list for the end of term test which has now been postponed, until madrassah re-opens. Please go through the revision list with them.

I hope to see the children soon In sha Allah.

JazakAllah Khair 

·       Hifz: Revise all surah starting from Surat Al Adiyaat – an Naas    

·       Quran reading: Revise Surat An Naba and an Naziyaat. We have started tilawah of surat Abasa in class. Please help your child to complete it at home.

·       Graded steps :  page 25- 93 and page no. 109

·       Writing: complete the following exercise sheets.

** Please read through the morning and evening adkaar with your children every day. It is on a sheet in their folder which they have been given 3 weeks ago.


Ghazala Yasmeen